Free: The Curse of Benjamin Bailey

The Curse of Benjamin Bailey
An Ancient curse placed on the Bailey family two hundred years before has caused all of Benjamin Bailey’s descendants to transform into werewolves by their thirtieth birthday. Liam Bailey is next. Within a few days, the moon will be full again, and Liam is preparing to surrender to the beast lying dormant inside of him. The pressure is mounting and Liam’s restlessness is growing, as his instincts become more animalistic with each passing hour. When he meets Stephanie, a beautiful and mysterious woman whose family runs the convenience store in town, Liam does not readily realize that their meeting is fated. Their chemistry is instant and the fire between them is all-consuming. With the help of her aunt Darlene, Stephanie is willing to step up to a challenge that will either cost her to lose her life or will free Liam from the clutches of an unspeakable evil. Free on Kindle.

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