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Life In My Ink
Life In My Ink it’s a poetry book with 4 chapters:
Chapter 1 – I am who I am
It’s about how I see life & the world. It’s a chapter about my own mind, my own heart, my own soul and my own life in the words of poetry.
Chapter 2 -You will bloom again
It’s about self-love. In this chapter, I’m sending the message to all of you to tell you that however deep down you are, life is not the end, you will rise again. The colours will exchange the places with those dark moods and the sun will penetrate through those heavy clouds once again. Just believe in yourself and listen to the words that are meant to be said to you, to your heart and your soul. You are a beautiful creation that was meant to shine!
Chapter 3 -A world of something beautiful
It’s about how beautiful the world is, but you will never understand it until you will set yourself to explore it. Only when you see the world with your own eyes, only then you will understand how beautiful and important it is to our lives.
Chapter 4 -Believe in love like love believes in you
This chapter is all about love. It’s about your love to another person, and other persons love to you. It’s about love to the world and from the world. It’s all about the unity of love. By giving love to everyone, you will get love from everyone. So just believe in love like love believes in you!! Free on Kindle
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