Unexpected Gift: A Bad Boy Romance (Unexpected Love Series Book 3)

Unexpected Gift : A Bad Boy Romance (Unexpected Love Series Book 3)
The moment I saw her, my life was changed. She was forbidden and a big part of my brother’s world and he warned me.

I saw the hunger in her and It drove me fucking insane.
Once I had that taste, I couldn’t stop. I tried to fight it, but it was too hard.
I know she wasn’t the one-night kind of girl.
She was in my head and my heart. I didn’t want that night to end.

Would she regret this tomorrow when the sun was up, and reality surrounded us?
I never knew that my life could change that much in two weeks, but she was making me see everything differently.
I knew it was worth it to try to make it work with her.
And it killed me to sit so far from her. I wanted her in my arms.

I’d never felt that way with a woman before so why was it happening with someone here?
I wanted new things and new chances.
She had a life here in New York and mine was back in California.
I was leaving in a week and a half. That was only one of the reasons that I shouldn’t be thinking of her this way.

Was this the real thing for me? Finally?
Only time would tell. $0.99 on Kindle.
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