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  • English Spirituality

    English Spirituality
    Gordon Mursell

    These volumes present the astonishing richness and variety of responses made by English Christians to the call of the divine during the past two thousand years.

  • A History of Pagan Europe

    A History of Pagan Europe
    Prudence Jones, Nigel Pennick

    This book not only provides the first comprehensive definition of paganism, but is also the first to shed light on well-documented events which are usually glossed over or ignored from a covert Christian perspective.

  • Mutter Teresa und Lady Diana Moderner Personenkult mit religi√ sem Hintergrund

    Mutter Teresa und Lady Diana РModerner Personenkult mit religiösem Hintergrund
    Marcel Lange

    Wenn man heutzutage Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen die Frage stellen w√ľrde, welche Person sie mit dem Wort ‚Äěheilig‚Äú verbinden, so w√ľrden sicher die Personen Nikolaus von Myra oder auch der heilige Apostel Petrus weit oben auf …

  • Das Frauenbild im Judentum der hellenistischen Zeit

    Das Frauenbild im Judentum der hellenistischen Zeit
    Angela Standhartinger

    The two rather different reconstructions of "the oldest text" of "Joseph and Aseneth" are characterized by different images of women.

  • Marked in Your Flesh

    Marked in Your Flesh
    Leonard B. Glick

    In this book, Leonard B. Glick offers a history of Jewish and Christian beliefs about circumcision from its ancient origins to the current controversy.

  • Iconography of Religions

    Iconography of Religions
    Inge Kleivan

    Includes sections on ethnographic descriptions, general observations about the religion of the Eskimos, rites of passage in the individual's life cycle, hunting rituals, ritual behaviour in social conflict, the shaman, the world picture, …

  • Into Deep Waters

    Into Deep Waters
    Daniel C. Goodwin

    By examining the lives and work of six Baptist preachers and theologians, Into Deep Waters illuminates the ways in which the second generation of Baptist preachers not only defended their tradition in lively debates but argued for a broadly …

  • Flows of Faith

    Flows of Faith
    Lenore Manderson, Wendy Smith, Matt Tomlinson

    The volume is a major contribution, providing readers with a fresh and creative approach into the living experience of religious communities in a contemporary globalised world.

  • Zu Paul Gerhardts O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden

    Zu: Paul Gerhardts “O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden”
    Jan Langfeldt

    Im Rahmen des Seminarthemas ‚ÄěKirchenlieder als historische Quelle‚Äú besch√§ftigten sich im Sommersemester 2006 Studenten am Kieler Institut f√ľr Kirchengeschichte und Kirchliche Arch√§ologie unter Anleitung von Prof.

  • Erasmus of Rotterdam

    Erasmus of Rotterdam
    Christine Christ-von Wedel

    This book provides the first analysis of the development of Erasmus' historical methodology and its impact on Roman Catholic and Protestant theologians.

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