Free: Baron & Brannigan, Book 1, Song and Dance

Baron & Brannigan, Book 1, Song and Dance
Slip Back to the 1890s and join young and handsome Billy Brannigan and his younger pal, Danny Baron, as they set out to find fame, fortune and romance as entertainers. On the road to success, they travel from Doc Nobles medicine show to a minstrel show and finally to the gas-lit stages of old New York’s gaudy music halls and vaudeville theaters, but not without mishaps and mayhem along the way. You’ll experience the 1890s from a young mans point of view, but even diehard historic fiction romance fans will find it a rollicking good read. It’s the first book in a series, so check it out now because its FREE for just 5 days. Get it today and save $3.99. Free on Kindle.
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