Atlantis Pyramids Floods

Platos Atlantis is a true story! Now you can learn where it was located, how it was destroyed, and when it happened. This book also shows the connection between the pyramids in Mexico and those in Egypt. It shows that Noahs Great Flood is a periodic event where the Atlantic Ocean floods the Mediterranean Basin. This periodic flooding kills off most of the brown skinned population in the area leaving mostly blacks in Africa and whites in Europe. Before the next major flood comes along, it takes only a few hundred years for all of Europe to turn white again and all of Africa to turn black again. Then it takes thousands of years before the population of the Mediterranean Basin turns brown again. The last flood is also the one that destroyed Atlantis. This book also shows how Edgar Cayces predicted, that the island of Atlantis would rise again, has come true. The island rose during the time Cayce predicted it would happen, but no one knew it was happening. Now it holds a prestigious gated community. $18.96 on Kindle.
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