Free: CRYPTOCONOMY®, 2nd Edition: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guys

CRYPTOCONOMY®, 2nd Edition: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guys
Are you tired of finding online trading sites and platforms that you would not call 100% trustworthy? Would you appreciate some guidance in this new era of virtual currency?

There needs to be some form of global trust and there isnt yet. In the 2nd Edition of his bestselling book, Cryptoconomy, industry expert Gary Miliefsky is sharing the real story about the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market and the innovative blockchain (public electronic ledger) technology that powers it. Along the way, you will learn how to avoid the scammers and cybercriminals.

Cryptoconomy is the global virtual currency economy created by the advent of Bitcoin (BTC) as the first virtual currency, which trades leveraging blockchain technology. It continues to expand through the launch of many additional cryptocurrencies, as well as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), digital wallets and Non-fungible tokens (NTFs). Some cryptocurrencies are already being traded on the Forex (FX) market.
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