UNHOLY TRINITY: How Carbs, Sugar, & Oils Make Us Fat, Sick, & Addicted

UNHOLY TRINITY: How Carbs, Sugar & Oils Make Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and How to Escape Their Grip

In 1930 the US obesity rate was 1 percent. Today, it’s almost 50 percent. Never before has a population gotten so fat and sick so fast.

What’s happening? The UNHOLY TRINITY.

Join Heart Attack Survivor Turned Wellness Warrior, Daniel Trevor, as he sheds light on the self-inflicted diseases of our time. Discover the truth about Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine, where financial interests often overshadow your health and well-being.

UNHOLY TRINITY has been endorsed by some of the most prominent physicians, scientists, and health writers in the world, including a winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Find out:

What’s the best predictor of your longevity?
Why is chronic high blood sugar a pre-cancerous condition?
Why do people with high cholesterol live the longest?
What’s the most important low-cost health test you’ve never had?
What’s the number one killer of women 10X breast cancer?
Why are stents and bypass surgery unnecessary 85% of the time?
What population eats the most meat and enjoys the longest lifespan?
What’s in most packaged foods to stimulate your opiate receptors?
Why are Blue Zones called vegetarian when in fact they eat meat?

Discover why consuming industrially refined and processed carbohydrates, sugar, and vegetable seed oils (UNHOLY TRINITY) accelerates aging, triggers severe weight gain, and started many new-age ailments.

Daniel Trevor had no symptoms but was an undiagnosed Type 2 diabetic, which was the root cause of his undiagnosed heart disease, undiagnosed fatty liver disease, and undiagnosed osteoporosis. Having studied technical data throughout his life he decided to dive into medical and nutrition science to discover how this could happen. $1.99 on Kindle.
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