Free: Big Burly Foreman

Big Burly Foreman
For the past two years, Ive been drawn to the mysterious older cowboy working my fathers ranch. Something about his strong body and stoic faade draws me in. Ive done everything I can think of it get his attention with no luck. I want him, but he doesnt see me. That is, until my father sets me up with the son of his new friend. Suddenly, my cowboy has decided to claim me, and hell stop at nothing until everyone knows Im his.

I never intended to become a cowboy, but after my military career was unexpectedly cut short, here I am. I enjoy working with my hands and body every day. I enjoy knowing the bosss daughter is watching me even more. Ashley may be her rich daddys princess, but after two years of keeping my distance, Im ready to make her my queen. That kid her father wants her to marry doesnt stand a chance at coming between me and whats mine. Free on Kindle.
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