Free: Modern Card Counting: Blackjack

The only legal way to guarantee a profit at the casino.
Go from brand new to expert. Every system explained step by step.
Author contact information included. Reach out for free to have your personal questions answered.

Includes lessons on…

  • Basic Strategy tables (with free printable flashcards)
  • Play Variation Indices for any counting system and casino rules
  • Formulas to determine your specific advantage, expected profit, risk of ruin, and more
  • Level one and two, balanced and unbalanced card counting systems explained
  • My own secret weapon – the Red Zen count
  • Team play
  • How to avoid surveillance
  • What “wonging” is and how to use it
  • Reinvesting for exponential wealth creation
  • Bonus lessons on advanced techniques like shuffle tracking and side games
  • Over 100 pages of content for only $9.95

Second Edition Updates –

  • 20 new pages on shuffle tracking, side games and other advanced techniques
  • Updated with 15 reliable web resources – programs, simulations, table generators, indices calculating excel sheets, and more
  • Free e-flashcards included to make learning fast

Modern Card Counting is the perfect book for serious players looking to beat the house. I’ve taught blackjack card counting to high school drop-out’s and PHD’s and I can teach it to you.

Beat the house at their own game. Find out how to make $1 Million with no statistical risk. Modern Card Counting includes absolutely everything you need to know… and more.

Card counting is legal, profitable, and fun. Make money playing blackjack and never look back. Leave wage slavery behind. Take control of your income and your life. Turn the $350 Billion dollar casino industry into your personal fortune.

Blackjack is the only casino game that can be mathematically beaten without cheating. While casinos have added measures to reduce the effectiveness of card counting (multiple decks, automatic shufflers) it is still possible to make serious money as a card counter.

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