Very Bad Things

Very Bad Things
He said he wants to do bad things to me…very bad things.

The first time I met single dad Weston Vaughn, I thought it was my meet cute.
I was in Paris looking to start over and he was right in the path of my hot coffee.
But it turns out, my knight in shining armor was just a grumpy billionaire in a custom suit.

After a nightmare year of losing not only my fiancé and my mother, I’m in desperate need of a fresh start.
And what better way than to land a teaching job at the prestigious Crestwood Academy in Chicago.

Imagine my surprise though when the handsome stranger I accidentally assaulted in front of the Eiffel Tower, turns out to be the father of one of my students.
The same stranger that made me miss my flight back home from Paris and is now standing in my classroom lecturing me.

He might be devilishly handsome, but no amount of good looks can make up for his arrogant and bossy attitude.

It takes everything I have to plaster on a smile and deal with his antics but the school is in desperate need of his participation in our annual silent auction and I’m tasked with getting him on board.

But when he shows up on my doorstep, desperate for a babysitter, I agree…if only that was the last favor he demands of me.
Next thing I know, I’m flying to the Bahamas on a private jet with him and his daughter and sailing off into the sunset on his private yacht.

Soon our back and forth banter goes from scorching jabs to fiery passion.
He pushes my boundaries in ways I never imagined, ways that have me ready to throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet.
And while falling in love again is the furthest thing from my mind, a summer fling might just what I need.

Instead, I’m flung right into some dangerous drama that sees me getting fired from my dream job and shadows from Weston’s past reappearing.
So when I decide I need space and a fresh start, he gives me one week before he shows up at my apartment and demands we stay together.

One thing I’ve learned about Weston Vaughn, he doesn’t negotiate.
He gets what he wants, no matter the cost.
Even if what he wants is me pregnant. $0.99 on Kindle.
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