Free: Plan BE: A Professional’s Guide to Authentic Success

Plan BE: A Professional's Guide to Authentic Success
Plan BE takes us on a transformative journey towards a new paradigm of success – one that’s not driven by Doing more and pushing ahead, but one that allows us to expand into who we’re here to Be. In a world where traditional approaches to success often lead to exhaustion and burnout, with millions of people yearning for a more balanced and fulfilling way to work and live, Plan BE offers an alternative pathway that allows individuals to thrive and flourish while staying true to their authentic selves.

Plan BE is not simply a how-to book; it is a book that makes the reader fall in love with life again. Insights and eye-opening revelations of how we tick open a room of possibility, authentic power, and satisfaction that many of us have sensed but struggled to access.

Peter Matthies shares his own journey from being a software entrepreneur and venture capitalist to leaving his career, home country and marriage to discover the principles for building a life of well-being, wisdom and fulfillment. He founded the Conscious Business Institute in 2005 and has since delivered its groundbreaking approaches to more than 60,000 learners and 172 countries, in globally leading organizations including BMW, Starbucks, Intel, Allianz and Siemens. The deeply insightful and practical guidance Plan BE provides is a liberation from our pressure-cooker world. It paves the way for building a more fulfilling and purposeful life, both individually and collectively – a must-read for anyone seeking a more wholesome way of approaching success and accessing their deeper potential. Free on Kindle.
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