Free: Blind Date Rescue: A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance

Blind Date Rescue: A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance
Sander slid into the seat in front of me, I lost the ability to talk. This man is a tall glass of thank you may I have another.

Subtlety I wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth.

What did this man do for a living, wrestle bulls?

Im confident being a thicker girl, he could handle me in the sheets.

His sudden deep laugh and sparkle in his eyes hinted he wasn’t like other guys.

Although we just met, he checks off all my must have boxes.

Ironically, I was on a blind date with his friend, he moved his feet and Sander took his seat.

His compliments and mannerisms ensured me he was feeling the same connection.

A night of heated passion following a morning debacle led me to walk away alone.

I have zero intentions of being a stage five clinger.

Reality smacks me in the face, turns out Mr. New in town, one-night stand is now my next-door neighbor Free on Kindle.
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