The Steamy Side of Betrayal

steamy betrayal

The Steamy Side of Betrayal is a book within a book that tells the fictionalized story of the author’s friend, Ronnie, a thirty-something-year-old struggling writer. After overindulging in the opposite sex, he marries Lacey, a stunning, sensually charged advertising executive whose turn-on is to show off her charms to strangers. Navigating their second year together, we find the main characters from Ronnie’s attempt at writing a book, Tony, Chrissy, and the insatiable Dawn dealing with their own struggle. Add Antonio, the Brazilian entrepreneur; Cindy, the free spirit and Darla, the unhappy wife, and see how Ronnie and Lacey deal with staying together. For mature audiences only, this book will lift you off your seat and transport you to a world of sensual people caught up in raw emotions and desires. $0.99 on Kindle
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