Free: 17 Planets – The Captain

17 Planets - The Captain

“The epic science fiction novel 17 Planets: The Captain by A. R. Alexander incorporates dystopian politics, intergalactic adventure, military action, and a medley of other literary elements to create a futuristic saga with extraordinary depth. A revolutionary new technology, the Ajna, offers humanity something it has sought for millennia; freedom from ill health and disease. However, one of the ruling factions has found a way to use this technological panacea to subjugate humankind. Captain Elizabeth Lee, a strong, intelligent, and enigmatic woman, takes on a pivotal role in stopping this threat to freedom within the universe. But with seventeen planets, four competing political powers, and innumerable people with a wide array of differing motivations to navigate, even a woman as dangerous and calculating as Lee will have her hands full to take on the Kappa Corporation and their plans for universal domination.”

David Korson for Readers’ Favorite Free on Kindle.
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