Song of Earth: Sam and Jade’s Alien Adventures

Song of Earth: Sam and Jade's Alien Adventures

Fix the planet. Save the people. You have six months.

Sam and Jade can’t believe the Visitors have given them this insane, impossible ultimatum–with no instructions!

Sam just wants to enjoy getting to know his new adoptive father and explore his deepening relationship with Jade. Instead, the Visitors have tasked him and Jade with solving an unsolvable problem. And failure spells humanity’s extinction.

The Visitors do provide some “help.” But how can telepathy or music fix the planet? Why are they being dropped into wildfires and coral reefs? And why are all their efforts met with human sabotage? Vandalism. Bombings. Shootings. Someone obviously wants them to fail.

With no clear plan and constant obstacles, they must navigate human aggression and destructiveness, as well as their own doubts. Their ideas may seem hopelessly small, but they can’t give up. They must find a way. $0.99 on Kindle.
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