Free: Bound by Desire

Bound by Desire
When love threatens to unravel everything, do you take a leap or do you turn the other way?

The first time I saw her, I knew she’d be important. I’m the right-hand man to the Godfather of New York City, the voice of reason in the Underworld. Yet, reason ceases to exist when it comes to Olivia Thompson.
There is no right or wrong, there is only her.

I’ve been living my entire life a specific way – safe.
It all started falling apart the moment I met him, when his gray eyes captured mine across a room, I knew everything would go to hell.
There was just no way to know how literal that would be.
He’s a man from the Underworld of New York, someone who is bound to me, to my past, in ways I could never have anticipated.

Will the ties that bind us bring us closer together or ruin us completely? Free on Kindle.
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