David’s Disaster: Embrace the Fear 2 (The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022)

David's Disaster: Embrace the Fear 2 (The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022)

For David Jordan life is close to perfect.

His band, Embrace the Fear, is living the rock ‘n roll dream as an up-and-coming group under Masterson Management. They aren’t rolling in dough like their mentors from Social and Maiden, but things are good.

David grew up in a middle-class family. Both his parents worked and supported him and his sisters in every way. To this day, they are still in love with each other.

The one thing missing from David’s life is the same kind of connection his parents had.

But David’s desires are a bit unorthodox and not always welcome with guys his age. Would an older man look past the number and trust David to care for them—body and soul?

Jordan Wright has a thriving business thanks to being awarded the contract to manage the catering for Rocktoberfest for a second year.

He’s thrilled to be back at the venue again—maybe this is the year something special will happen, although he’s not counting on it.

Since Jordan’s last failed attempt at a relationship, he’s sworn only to engage in meaningless hook-ups.

Will he ever be able to open his mind and his heart again? Enough to trust another man, not only with his body but to catch him when he falls?

David’s Disaster is part of the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022 series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not read them all and see who hits the stage next? Hot rockstars and the men who love them, what more could you ask for? Kick back, load up your kindle and enjoy the men of Rocktoberfest! $4.99 on Kindle.
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