Free: Death of a Yellow Page Salesman: From Lost to Found — Filled to Overflowing

Death of a Yellow Page Salesman: From Lost to Found — Filled to Overflowing
Paul Neustrom the author of “Death of a Yellow Page Salesman”

Having advised and consulted over 10,000 business owners never prepared me for hitting the lowest point in my career. For over 40 years working mostly in marketing and advertising in yellow page directories, I found Google had effectively destroyed my career. Recovering from that was not an instant process but I describe the struggles and triumphs of that journey in this book. My mission now is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to dominate in marketing through:

Among the vast array of self-help books that promote their own methods of being successful, very few speak of an understanding of effective communication and why these principles work. It is transformational when we understand the way we communicate with others, which is oftentimes governed by how we talk to ourselves. Marketing is my specialty, and I am writing this book to show how the power of words will change your life.

Through this book, you will learn how to grow and transform your business and life by gaining inspiration from the small, still voice of God. Going from lost to found is something; not only business owners do, but that we can do for our own lives. Filled to overflowing is a whole other story.

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