Falling For The Hot Billionaire

Falling For The Hot Billionaire
One billionaire in a coma.
One cruel wife.
And a nurse that had to protect him.

That Friday, started out like any other.
Rounds, patients, repeat.
All of that changed when Tyrell was brought in.
I fell for a man, before I even spoke to him.
I needed to protect him from Monica, the cold wife.

Tyrell finally woke up and he was everything I’d dreamed.
He was smart, hot and he had a great sense of humor.
He also had a wife.
One that I did my best to stay away from.
She took him away from me, as Tyrell got better.
I never would forget him.

It was harder still, when he moved in next door.
Forgetting about Tyrell was no longer an option.
He was there all the time, teasing and enticing me.
Monica was out of the picture.
And I moved in.

Monica tries to tear us apart, burns down my house.
It’s nothing compared to when I find out the truth about Tyrell.
How can I ever trust him again? $0.99 on Kindle.
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