Olive’s Diary: an unputdownable story about hope, loss and second chances

Olive's Diary: an unputdownable story about hope, loss and second chances

Olive is a middle-aged widow living in a small rural city of Canada. She is a lover of good books, cappuccinos and croissants. She knows what she is good at, and she stays in her box. Her life is small, safe, and after the death of her beloved husband one year ago…it’s enough to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

A year has passed since Robert’s death, and Olive has managed to reconstruct a life that looks, on the outside at least, completely, totally fine. She still lives in the same family house and working at the same local public library. But there is something she has not shared with anyone – even with her good old friend Leila. Ever since her husband passed away, Olive has suffered a lack of self-trust and self-confidence. To make the matter worse, her step-daughter Lily has stopped communicating with her over the past year.

Then quite unexpectedly, on the anniversary of her husband’s departure, something unexpected happens. She meets Maple, a young female mathematician at a local coffee shop – a stranger who helps her navigate one of the worst days of her life. What Olive does not realize is that she and her new friend are about to change her life forever…
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