Play It Like You Mean It! Supercharge Your Playing and Let Your Piano Work for You

 Play It Like You Mean It! Supercharge Your Playing and Let Your Piano Work for You

Every proficient pianist can master technique, musical theory, and muscle memory. But to evolve into a remarkable pianist requires more than reading sheet music and playing scales.

You’ve practiced the library of classical music and improved your skill. Now elevate your playing to transcend melody and tell a story that reaches the hearts of your listeners—not just their ears.

Esteemed pianist Emile Pandolfi shares his holistic philosophy that harmonizes method and mindset to help you mature into a well-rounded musician beyond training and music lessons. A light-hearted and humorous guide for any serious piano student, Play It Like You Mean It teaches you how to musically communicate through every chord and make your music resonate more passionately with your listeners—for an encore-worthy performance each time you play.

You’ll discover:

  • How to effectively infuse emotion and dynamics into basic and higher-level techniques.
  • A complete approach to memorizing a new piece—and overcoming stage fright to wow the crowd (or living room).
  • Life lessons to dig yourself out of the doldrums and rekindle lost inspiration.
  • Three essential ingredients for honing natural aural acumen so you can play by ear, improvise, and arrange.
  • The beginners’ course into a commercial music career, from easy programming tips to creative income ideas.

Change your mind and change your playing with this piano student’s constant companion. Get Play It Like You Mean It to learn the language of piano and speak through every push of the keys. $0.99 on Kindle.
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