Vodka Virgin

Vodka Virgin
I might just get a chance to make an old fling ten shades of jealous.
The one that got away has settled down in New York City, and my ticket to go see her just showed up.
A beautiful stranger who’s taking a likin’ to my art. She wants me to show it in a gallery in the big city.
I agree on one condition.
This beautiful new stranger plays my fake fiancée to help me create a love triangle.
Getting my old love back is a must.
Scarily enough though, this new girl revs my engines far more than my first love did.
It’ll be fine.
She’s getting what she wants out of the deal, but maybe I’m getting far more.
Sometimes the past repeats itself, and sometimes the future isn’t the one you had planned.
I had my eyes on the past, but now my heart is stuck in the present.
And I’m falling in love with the wrong woman. $0.99 on Kindle.
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