Falling For The Doctor

Falling For The Doctor
One huge mistake. One off-limits doctor.
And a secret baby that he didn’t know about.
My life was in the middle of new beginnings.
New job, new house, ex-boyfriend out of the picture.
So, I wanted a change in the romantic department too.
If only I hadn’t picked my sexy single-dad doctor for the change.
You know the type. Tall, dark, and a wicked smile to match.
Those eyes made me a promise… One that he couldn’t keep.
Dr. Frank Collins was everything I wanted, with a smile to match.
When he was at home, he was a maniac in bed and a man hard to handle.
If only it wasn’t too good to be true.
If only I wasn’t going to lose him completely if he found out all my secrets.
Or when I found out all of his. $0.99 on Kindle.
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