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About a Gardener
Life is a formidable challenge and a garden can be a rich source of wisdom for living, the author, Werner Langer, discovered. We are all in possession of a valuable allotment, namely our mind, our inner garden where noble thoughts are nurtured to maturity and sinful thoughts can be removed like weeds. This important inner gardening activity will greatly impact our future life.

“Thorny rose-bushes have taught me that my approach to a difficult matter can cause pain or result in peace. The dark clouds that drift into my personal landscape can enrich the soil in my inner garden. Fear, like an aggressive weed, can overgrow everything beautiful,” the author states. These are just three observations in this very different kind of gardening book, which contains 111 daily devotional short-stories. This book is primarily aimed at the Christian reader and promotes inner growth and empowerment, but it is also very valuable for those who seek to make greater sense of their lives.
Enjoy the discovery of your inner garden.
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