Men of the Squadron Collection I

Men of the Squadron Collection I
After surviving the bloody 1816 Bombardment of Algiers, a brotherhood of young Royal Navy officers joins the West Africa Squadron to chase slavers and rescue their human cargo.

Fighting against almost impossible odds in service to a dangerous, difficult cause, they never expect love to find them. But love does find the Men of the Squadron in the most unlikely places.

She must marry to save her inheritance. He needs the right marriage to climb the ranks of the Royal Navy. Will Pride of Honor stand in the way of true love?

Captain Arnaud Bellingham’s plans to ascend the ranks of the Royal Navy with a loveless marriage of convenience go awry when he rescues madcap Italian poetess Sophia Brancelli from kidnappers.

Willa Morton leads a life fraught with secrets. Dr. Cullen MacCloud is a man of duty but must choose:
his clan, the Squadron, or his heart?

What if a Royal Navy surgeon and his reluctant wife are more in love than they think? Will a blanket strung across a cabin stop the desire between them, or fan the flames?

Valor in battle is nothing compared to the courage required to face up to love.

Lieutenant Richard Bourne disrupts the quiet life of Lady Harriet, widowed Marchioness of Blandford, when he saves her attics-to-let grandmother. Her son’s boisterous mastiff repays him with a concussion which lands him in the bedchamber down the hallway from hers.

How can she rusticate with an Irishman underfoot who looks that good in a Royal Marine uniform? How can he walk away after one good deed without falling under the spell of her deep green eyes?

Can they escape the destiny Society assigns them, or will they create their own?

Miss Rachel Berry, adopted daughter of Freetown missionaries, does not trust the Royal Navy, or Captain Halloren of the West Africa Squadron. The last thing Captain Christopher Halloren needs is to fall in love with a beautiful mission teacher who seems hell-bent on putting herself in harm’s way with illegal slave traders swarming at the fringes of Freetown.

THE DUKE’S LIST – A Friends & Family Novella
Cornelius, Duke of Sidmouth, suspects his duchess is not an innocent…Tin heiress Jane Lemon wishes the duke her late father foisted off on her was a little more worldly.

The duke expects decorum and modesty in his bride, not unbridled sensuality and wantonness. His duchess has other ideas…
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