The Shanghai Circle


War looms, and a taipan, a triad leader, and a beautiful Russian girl find their lives treacherously entwined.

Davina, a feisty young woman, must help steer the family trading house through the threat of invasion, the rise of communism and a deadly typhoon. Unbeknown to her, another danger lurks in the shadows.

As heir to the powerful Sung Society, Joseph must learn the ways of the triad. Vice and violence dominate his world, but for Joseph, a personal vendetta remains unfinished business.

Stunning but stateless, Irina unwittingly falls into the triads’ clutches.

While the flawed but fascinating city of Shanghai faces downfall, our characters circle each other in a perilous world as they fight for their survival and future.

The Shanghai Circle is the first novel in the Chinese Circles series. $0.99 on Kindle.
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