Secret Crush

Secret Crush
One day, life changed. And not for the better.
My husband and baby were gone, and I had no idea where to go from there.
I was back in my small hometown, and I couldn’t believe that my mountain man-crush from the past was still around.
My brother’s best friend. The man I’d wanted for a long time.
Richard had changed. He was a firefighter, saving lives.
He also looked at me differently now, not just like his best friend’s sister either.
He looked at me with lust and curiosity.
Some things hadn’t changed though.
He was still just as stubborn and rude as ever. He hadn’t worked much on his charm.
Until he turned it up, and I wondered if we’d have a happily-ever-after.
If only I didn’t have such a secret, daring to come out and ruin our second chance at love. Was this time as doomed as the last? $0.99 on Kindle.

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