Willing Me Him

Willing Me Him
Theo Nash makes women want to take him home to show off everything they’ve learned in the bedroom all in one night. Our senior year, my twin brother was diagnosed with a rare bone disease. Two years later, we lost him. He left our little brother his skateboard collection. Mom got his cherished camera. And me? He
left me his cocky, button-pushing, skirt-chasing best friend, THEO NASH.

He not only left me Theo. He left instructions! Take my brother’s place as Theo’s best friend for the next five years! My time is almost up. And I haven’t fallen victim to his sexy little smiles or his not to be ignored eyes.

NOW I just need to get through the weekend with him as my fake boyfriend…

  •  Friends to Lovers
  • Best Friend’s Sister
  • Secrets and Lies
  • Fake Boyfriend
  • Steamy HEA
  • Standalone

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