The Walking Y

The Walking Y
With nothing more than a skeleton crew and his 70,000-acre ranch on death watch, Woody finds himself backed into a corner. His neighbour Senator Bell greedily awaits the bankruptcy so he can grab the ranch on the cheap and build the biggest spread in the county. But Woody isn’t out of ideas yet. Determined to pull the ranch back from the brink, he hatches an ingenious plan to snag some orphaned teenagers and put them to work as cowboys.

When Eric and his friends are given the chance to escape their cold orphanage and work on a down-on-its-luck Montana ranch, they jump at the chance. But little do they know how much danger they’d find themselves in. Treacherous farmhands, unpredictable horses, and a complete lack of experience are only the beginning.

But Senator Bell won’t let the ranch slip out of his grip so easily – and he doesn’t care who he has to crush to get it. If bullets and kidnapping don’t do the trick, he and his accomplices have plenty of other nasty tricks up their sleeves to make sure that The Walking Y quickly becomes just another memory… See price on Kindle
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