Hell High

As if being Satan’s daughter isn’t bad enough, Daddy Dearest shows up on my seventeenth birthday and says I’m required to report to Hell for one year of Temptress Training—joint custody is such a bitch. Not only do I have to take classes like Granting Wishes in Exchange for Souls, Which Demon to Send, and Getting People to Commit the Seven Deadly Sins, everyone already hates me.

My dad wants me to stay and rule the kingdom with him, but I’m determined to just do my time and return to my life on Earth. But the pull of Hell is stronger than expected, and otherworldly creatures keep attacking me, making it clear someone wants me dead. Then there’s Tristan, the damned boy with the no-longer-beating heart of gold. Now I’ve got an impossible choice: keep my soul or ensure the safety of the boy I’m falling for. $2.99 on Kindle.
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