Tall, Dark and Handsome Neighbor

Tall, Dark and Handsome Neighbor
What do you say, when the tall, dark and handsome musician from next door asks you out? You say yes, quickly.

Nick Bastil has more money than God, boyish good looks, and is the lead singer in a great band.
The only thing missing is a girl by his side.
After meeting him, I knew that I wanted to be that girl.
Finding him in Montana, still surprising.

He came on strong, maybe a little too strong.
Nick made it clear what he was after from the start.
He was after me and everything I had to offer.
And then some.

Nick is sweet one moment, taking me to his favorite places, courting me.
Then the next, he’s teasing me and making me wish that things were different.
That I was different.
It wasn’t long until we both wanted more from our relationship.

His sweet demeanor and smoldering looks get the best of me.
I know that I can’t deny him forever.
I can’t deny myself another day.
Nick is that guilty pleasure I had to have.

After waiting for a lifetime, I know that I’m finally ready.
Nick’s hard body and sly smile convince me.
I want him to be my first…

I knew what my present held, but I had no idea of the future. Would Nick be in mine… or was this just for one night? One blissfully long night?

A Heart-of-gold billionaire musician falls for the new girl in town. He will have to use all of his charms and talents to seduce the virginal girl next door. Only then, when she’s in love, will his ending be a happy one. $0.99 on Kindle.

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