No Graves For Heroes

No Graves For Heroes
Axel is starting to wish he never came out of retirement.

As an aging veteran of the first Solar War, he’d been in hiding, fearful of being arrested by the notorious war crimes commission. He managed to get by as a scoundrel for hire for a few years, but when an old friend calls for a favor, Axel must find a way to overcome old injuries and addictions to become the hero he once was.

Paired with an artificial woman in a beat-up cruise ship, they embark on a journey to a playground for the rich. Their mission? Find the missing kids of a powerful family. If Axel fails, he’ll destroy America’s best chance to repair relations with our long-estranged allies, and reignite the blaze of war only recently reduced to smoldering embers. A looming civil war. Battles with Russian gangsters. Attempted assassinations. Now, he can only hope to make it out alive.

Experience the gripping adventures of Axel Nash in No Grave for Heroes. If you’re a fan of journeying to the stars in thrilling space operas, this is the series you’ve been waiting for! $0.99 on Kindle.

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