Murder Through the Looking-Glass: Supernatural Beyond Time Romantic Mystery

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NIGHT TERRORS. A VISITING GHOST. And a crystal clear vision of her past life self’s tragic end in the 1940’s. When Suzanne Westin and puppy Princess move into her dream home—a stately Victorian with secrets—the happily-ever-after she expects turns nightmarish and chilling instead.

DID SHE LIVE BEFORE in this same house as a Big Band singer? Are disturbing visions from her crystal ball true? Suzanne, a psychotherapist, learns that history will repeat itself—soon—unless she discovers who her murderer was back in time.

SUDDENLY, MEN MATERIALIZE OUT OF NOWHERE, seemingly attracted to her, including a dead ringer for the 1940’s boyfriend. The men’s attentions confuse her, for although she’d welcome romance, how can she trust anyone? $0.99 on Kindle.

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