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  • 101 Countries

    101 Countries
    P. J. Parmar

    In addition to the travelogue, "101 Countries" includes background information on places visited, discussions of different standards of living, and tips for independent travel.

  • Isolarion

    James Attlee

    But is a pilgrimage even possible these days for city-dwellers enmeshed in the pressures of work and family life? Or is there a way to be a pilgrim without leaving one’s life behind?

  • Technoshamans

    Carlo Pizzati

    The driving force of the book is the narrator’s quest for relief for a bad back which has tortured him for twenty years.

  • Sweden

    James Proctor, Neil Roland

    ''The best guide for foreign visitors to Sweden'' Dagens Nyheter, Sweden''s biggest-selling daily.''The best guide to the country'' The Telegraph, London.''The best guidebook, proved invaluable'' The Times, London.

  • Quebec Off the Beaten Path

    Quebec Off the Beaten Path®
    Katharine Fletcher, Eric Fletcher

    Tired of the same old tourist traps?

  • Sites Unseen

    Sites Unseen
    Laura E. Walker

    Sites Unseen is no ordinary travel book. Laura Walker takes the reader on an extraordinary journey to four great American cities – Boston, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

  • A Yankee Engineer Abroad

    A Yankee Engineer Abroad
    Frederick Hubbard

    This book is a transcription of a recently discovered manuscript of a Grand Tour taken by an American engineer, Frederick Hubbard, In the years 1855 through 1857.

  • Kilimanjaro A Complete Trekker s Guide

    Kilimanjaro: A Complete Trekker’s Guide
    Alex Stewart

    Guidebook to all the possible routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), Africa's highest peak.

  • A Mobile Century

    A Mobile Century?
    Colin G. Pooley, Jean Turnbull, Mags Adams

    This book provides a detailed empirical analysis of mobility change in Britain over the twentieth century.

  • Traveling Tennessee

    Traveling Tennessee
    Cathy Summerlin, Vernon Summerlin

    From mountain highroads to delta lands, this comprehensive guide invites you to the best of Tennessee's bed and breakfasts, museums, historic sites, restaurants, antique shops, and such attractions as: The Great Smoky Mountains National …

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