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  • Through England on a Side Saddle

    Through England on a Side Saddle
    Celia Fiennes

    Celia Fiennes is remarkable for the journeys she made, in an effort regain her health, riding through the English countryside.

  • Cruising Under Power Pacific Coasts of Mexico and Central America

    Cruising Under Power – Pacific Coasts of Mexico and Central America
    Ken Williams

    Have you wondered what it is like to retire and spend months living on a trawler? Composited from the cruising blogs of the author, while cruising from San Diego to Costa Rica, this book is far more than a travelogue.

  • U S National Forest Campground Guide

    U. S. National Forest Campground Guide
    Fred Dow, Suzanne Dow

    All of the campgrounds were personally visited and researched by the authors of this Guide.There are more than 50 items of information for each campground, narrative descriptions (including authors' anecdotes), maps displaying the relative …

  • Around the World In A Wheel Chair

    Around the World In A Wheel Chair
    John P. Roach

    This is a true story about a beautiful brave woman with a serious disability affecting her balance and mobility who became determined to not let her recently discovered disability change her goals or the course and direction of her life.

  • Adventure Guide to Grenada St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Adventure Guide to Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Cindy Kilgore Brown, Alan Moore

    The book also had a nicely organized table of contents which helped navigate the book quickly… This is an excellent guidebook for the area and is highly recommended." — Matthew Clark (Amazon reviewer).

  • Roxy Traveling Light in Tajikistan

    Roxy Traveling Light in Tajikistan
    Roxanne C. Neely

    Tajikistan is a beautiful land in many ways, but it is also an impoverished land with a history of leaders who have served themselves, their families, and friends instead of their people.

  • The Search for the Western Sea

    The Search for the Western Sea
    Lawrence Burpee

    -Lawrence J. Burpee, in the Introduction From the discovery of Hudson Bay and the search for the mythical Northwest Passage to the first overland journey to the Pacific, Canadian historian Lawrence Burpee makes the story of the exploration …

  • Un viaggio La valigia i documenti il mezzo di trasporto

    Un viaggio. La valigia, i documenti, il mezzo di trasporto…
    Alessandra Rossi

  • Hills of Eden

    Hills of Eden
    Jory Sherman

    " As reviewer Lee Kirk wrote: "This is the sort of book that may be pulled down again and again on those days when you're feeling blue, or when you're somewhere else and need to smell and feel the Ozarks one more time."

  • Niagara Flavours

    Niagara Flavours
    Brenda Matthews, Linda Bramble

    This book showcases the cuisine of Niagara and southwestern Ontario. It includes more than 100 recipes and full-colour photographs. Wine expert Linda Bramble provides wine recommendations for dishes featured in the second edition.

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