What is “Stuff your Kindle day”?

If you’re a book enthusiast, mark your calendar for a bookish event that takes place four times a year—Stuff Your Kindle Day. This quarterly event, spearheaded by romance author Zoe York, offers book enthusiasts a chance to stock up their digital libraries with free e-books. Here’s everything you need to know about this event.

Stuff your Kindle

“Stuff Your Kindle Day” Explained

“Stuff Your Kindle Day” is a day for Kindle fans to find new books, grow their digital libraries, and enjoy reading. It’s a day focused on filling your Kindle with a diverse range of ebooks, from classics to popular titles to hidden gems across genres. Held four times a year and organized by authors, it celebrates literature, reading and free ebooks.

Where to get free ebooks on Stuff Your Kindle Day

Go to Amazon to find the dedicated Stuff Your Kindle Day landing page. Here you’ll find a handpicked selection of highlighted titles organized by genre. Note: this event is author-led, and so the free books you see, have been made free for just a couple of days by the authors themselves.

When is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

In 2023, Stuff Your Kindle took place 4 times (March 31, June 30, September 20, and December 27.) In 2024, it seems to be taking place more often with days dedicated to certain genres. We don’t know the dates for 2024. It’s worth taking a look now at Stuff Your Kindle Day landing page to see which books are currently free.

Kindle Unlimited Subscribers welcome

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can still take part in Stuff Your Kindle Day without using any of your 20 Unlimited spaces. This will not count against your membership, allowing you to grow your digital library without restriction.

Free ebooks all year round

Want free books year-round? Simply go to the JustKindleBooks.com free books page. Here you can browse and find free books by genre.