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  • Travel and Adventure in South East Africa

    Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa
    Frederick Courteney Selous

    In this unique study, a nineteenth-century conservationist reveals the adventures and discoveries of his extensive explorations in south-east Africa.

  • Return to Camdeboo

    Return to Camdeboo
    Eve Palmer

    It was all well-ordered, food following on food in its appointed season; and this is a rhythm that has continued for more than a century – it is still very much that of the farm today.

  • Colors of Africa

    Colors of Africa
    James Kilgo

    An account of the author's journey through Africa recounts his experiences as an observer during a big-game safari hunt, with local villagers, and in caves and overhangs, where he examined ancient cave paintings. (Travel)

  • Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po

    Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po
    Richard Francis Burton

    In this 1863 work, explorer Sir Richard Burton recounts life, work and death in nineteenth-century West Africa.

  • Records of Captain Clapperton s Last Expedition to Africa

    Records of Captain Clapperton’s Last Expedition to Africa
    Richard Lander

    An 1830 account of an expedition through West Africa to follow the River Niger, written by the party's only survivor.

  • Benin Other Places Travel Guide

    Benin (Other Places Travel Guide)
    Erika Kraus, Felicie Reid

    They experienced this fascinating country like few outsiders have before and created a national network of locals who all contributed their own specialty and unique insight for this book.

  • African Wildlife

    African Wildlife
    Peter Joyce

    The spectrum of African wildlife is boldly and vividly portrayed in this visually spectacular volume.

  • Kenya and Tanzania

    Kenya and Tanzania
    Claude Hervé-Bazin, Judith Farr

    Deep in the heart of safari country, Kenya and Tanzania are the very essence of Africa — the Africa of your dreams, where vast herds of exotic animals lumber across the grassy plains, beneath the shadow of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro.

  • Southern Africa

    Southern Africa
    Martin Gostelow, Bernard Joliat

    This Way Southern Africa reveals the history, culture, the mysteries of a region whose heart beats like the sound of distant drums.

  • Safari Guide South Africa

    Safari Guide South Africa
    Mariëlle Renssen

    These exciting guides aim to inspire and help travellers to plan and enjoy safaris in the world s finest wildlife reserves."

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