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  • Presenting South Africa

    Presenting South Africa
    Peter Joyce

  • Lonely Planet West Africa

    Lonely Planet West Africa
    Lonely Planet, Anthony Ham, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Paul Clammer, Emilie Filou, Tom Masters, Anja Mutic, Caroline Sieg, Kate Thomas, Vanessa Wruble

    Looking for just a few of the destinations included in this guide? Check out the relevant Lonely Planet country guides for a comprehensive look at what each country has to offer.

  • Kenya

    Dave Richards, Val Richards

    These exciting guides aim to inspire and help travellers to plan and enjoy safaris in the world s finest wildlife reserves."

  • Rainbow s End

    Rainbow’s End
    Lauren St John

    This is a story about a paradise lost.

  • East African Wildlife

    East African Wildlife
    Philip Briggs

    This new visitor's guide provides a colorful overview of the region's variety of large mammals together with an insight into their habits and habitats.

  • Durch die Sahara

    Durch die Sahara
    Felix Heidenberger

    Die Wüste lebt. Woche für Woche ziehen Touristentrecks in klimatisierten Reisebussen, mit PKW , Motorrad oder in Kamelkarawanen durch die Sahara auf der Suche nach dem Abenteuer in der Wüste aller Wüsten.

  • Botswana Safari Guide

    Botswana Safari Guide
    Chris McIntyre

    Botswana's flora and fauna: when, where and what to see. Adventure activities, from walking safaris to quadbiking Chris McIntyre is managing director of a leading UK tour operator specialising in Africa.

  • Access Africa

    Access Africa
    Gordon Rattray

    Explores the six major safari countries–Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa–specifically with limited mobility in mind, with explanations of flight and airport procedures, travel insurance and health concerns, and …

  • Kilimanjaro A Complete Trekker s Guide

    Kilimanjaro: A Complete Trekker’s Guide
    Alex Stewart

    Guidebook to all the possible routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), Africa's highest peak.

  • Johannesburg

    Lizzie Williams

    This pocket-sized guide allows business and vacation travelers to explore Johannesburg's attractions safely, including excellent museums, markets, art galleries, and cafes.

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