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  • Geschichtlicher ├ berblick zur Entwicklung der Metallbearbeitung

    Geschichtlicher ├ťberblick zur Entwicklung der Metallbearbeitung
    Wolfgang Piersig

    Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz aus dem Jahr 2009 im Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften – Metallbautechnik / Metallverarbeitung, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das Buch zeigt auf, da├č bekannterweise als Metallverarbeitung die Herstellung und …

  • Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation

    Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation
    Terry Lowe, Ruslan Z. Valiev

    Variants of SPD methods are now capable of creating monolithic materials with submicron and nanocrystalline grain sizes. The resulting novel properties of these materials has led to a growing scientific and commercial interest in them.

  • Von Rubinen und Implantaten

    Von Rubinen und Implantaten
    Bozena Arnold

    Danach wird die Welt der Edelsteine Rubin und Saphir beschrieben. Und schlie├člich wird die Welt der Tonerde sowie der technischen Keramik beleuchtet. Die Autorin Dr. Bozena Arnold (ehemals Boczek) ist em.

  • Applied Welding Engineering

    Applied Welding Engineering
    Ramesh Singh

    This is followed by applications: Welding Metallurgy & Welding Processes, Nondestructive Testing, and Codes and Standards. Case studies are included in the book to provide a bridge between theory and the real world of welding engineering.

  • Plasma Surface Metallurgy

    Plasma Surface Metallurgy
    Zhong Xu, Frank F. Xiong

    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to and technical description of a unique patented surface-modification technology: plasma surface metallurgy with double-glow discharge plasma process, known as the Xu-Tec process.

  • Concepts in Spin Electronics

    Concepts in Spin Electronics
    Sadamichi Maekawa

    The aim of this book is to present new directions in the development of spin electronics in both the basic physics and the technology which will become the foundation of future electronics.

  • Corrosion in Refineries

    Corrosion in Refineries
    J Harston

    Corrosion in ageing refinery plant presents a serious safety hazard. This important book summarises key research into corrosion processes in refinery equipment, how it can be measured and controlled.

  • Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing

    Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing
    Ranjit Bauri, Devinder Yadav

    FSP is considered a tool for grain refinement. However, this work illustrates how FSP has a wider capability due to the material flow and mixing the process offers.

  • Home Instruction for Sheet Metal Workers Based on a Series of Articles Originally Published in Metal Worker Plumber and Steam Fitter

    Home Instruction for Sheet Metal Workers – Based on a Series of Articles Originally Published in ‘Metal Worker, Plumber and Steam Fitter’
    William Neubecker

    Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on metal work.

  • Hochwertiges Gu├ eisen

    Hochwertiges Gu├čeisen
    Eugen Piwowarsky

    Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer Book Archives mit Publikationen, die seit den Anf├Ąngen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind.

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