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  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher
    John Blundell

    This book is John Blundell's personal portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the woman who was the pivotal point of the rescue of a country, a woman who woke up her nation and made it once again a world leader.

  • Exchanges and Correspondence

    Exchanges and Correspondence
    Claudette Fillard, Françoise Orazi

    Through the eighteen essays of this book, the reader becomes the beholder of a challenging survey of “feminism-in-the-making,” from its early stages in the 18th century to the present, in Anglo-Saxon countries and elsewhere, including …

  • Supporting Young Men as Fathers

    Supporting Young Men as Fathers
    Esmée Hanna

    This book examines community group settings for young men who are fathers, with particular emphasis on the role of gender within the groups and the possibilities of such groups for the ‘un-doing’ of gender.

  • Aristotle on Female Animals

    Aristotle on Female Animals
    Sophia M. Connell

    Building on recent research, this book comprehensively revises such readings, setting out the complex and positive role played by the female in Aristotle's thought with a particular focus on the longest surviving treatise on reproduction in …

  • Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

    Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
    Frances K. Gateward, Murray Pomerance

    A provcative, contemporary anthology examining the construction of girls in modern cinema.

  • Consuming Angels

    Consuming Angels
    Lori Anne Loeb

    Stylishly written and featuring 73 reproductions, this book shows how ads used the hedonistic aspects of Victorian culture to sell their wares, glorified consumerism, and mythologized the middle-class life.

  • Dalla parte delle bambine

    Dalla parte delle bambine
    Elena Gianini Belotti

    La tradizionale differenza di carattere tra maschio e femmina non è dovuta a fattori innati, bensì a condizionamenti culturali che l'individuo subisce nel corso del suo sviluppo … in realtà non esistono qualità "maschili" e qualità …

  • Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman

    Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman
    Tara Prescott, Aaron Drucker

    This collection of new essays looks carefully at the broad spectrum of Neil Gaiman’s work and how he interacts with feminism.

  • Antifeminism in the Academy

    Antifeminism in the Academy
    VèVè A. Clark

    Contending that the anti-feminist backlash in the academy is part of the broader "politically correct" rhetoric, this collection of writers, academics and activists is a much-needed response to the assault on feminist thinkers and critics …

  • The Legacy of Second Wave Feminism in American Politics

    The Legacy of Second-Wave Feminism in American Politics
    Angie Maxwell, Todd Shields

    This book chronicles the influence of second wave feminism on everything from electoral politics to LGBTQ rights.

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