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  • Creative Community Organizing

    Creative Community Organizing
    Si Kahn

    Through stories, analysis, impassioned argument—even song lyrics—Si Kahn and Elizabeth Minnich show that corporations are, by their very nature, unable to fulfill effectively what have traditionally been the responsibilities of …

  • Me to We

    Me to We
    Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger

    You may not find the person of your dreams, but you will help people young and old go beyond their's. This book will open your eyes and change the way you look at life.

  • Civic Service

    Civic Service
    James L. Perry, Ann Marie Thomson

    Divided into four key parts, this groundbreaking volume presents original information not found anywhere else. Selected Contents: Part 1. Ideological and Historical Context1. The Ideal2. Policy EvolutionPart 2. Evidence and Methods3.

  • Second Line Rescue

    Second Line Rescue
    Barry Jean Ancelet, Marcia Gaudet, Carl Lindahl

    All of the stories, whether from the "outside" or "inside" responders, reveal a shared history of close-knit community bonds, survival skills sharpened by hard times, and what went right in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita–in spite of all …

  • Sociology Youth and Youth Work Practice

    Sociology, Youth and Youth Work Practice
    Simon Bradford

    Introducing core theories by drawing on a range of cultural resources – from pioneering research to genre-defining films – this book demonstrates how a sociological imagination can enhance informal educational and social welfare approaches …

  • Serving Country and Community

    Serving Country and Community
    Peter Frumkin, JoAnn Jastrzab

    Frumkin and Jastrzab make important recommendations on how to improve the programs and resolve some of the political and administrative issues which have plagued these initiatives in the past two decades."ùJames Youniss, Catholic …

  • 1 800 Miles

    1,800 Miles
    Joshua Daniel Phillips

    “We must be actively against instead of passively for sexual violence.” – 1,800 Miles Sexual violence is a cultural issue that will not go away just because we ignore it.

  • 365 Ways To Change the World

    365 Ways To Change the World
    Michael Norton

    Great to give as well as to keep, this is an inspiring, practical resource for making the world a better place — one day at a time.

  • A arte de Pertencer

    A arte de Pertencer
    Fernando Moraes

    Ativista social e professor universitário, Moraes conta algumas das experiências que viveu em mais de 20 missões desde os seus 15 anos e fala de sua experiência no trabalho na Funap, órgão da Secretaria de Administração …

  • Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State

    Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State
    Rachel Laforest

    Rachel Laforest shows how members of voluntary organizations have struggled for a stronger voice in policy making and redefined their relationship to the federal government through key collaborations.

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