Books in category Self-Help – Adult Children of Substance Abusers

  • The Growth Principle

    The Growth Principle
    G. J. Barnes

    -Do you want to maximize your potential and accomplish extraordinary things? -Do you want to leave a legacy for generations to come?-Then this is the last personal growth book you'll ever need.

  • Welcome To My Sandbox Don t Psst In It

    Welcome To My Sandbox – Don’t Psst In It!
    Dennis A. Hooker

    Some must be taught. I must play by YOUR rules in YOUR Sandbox. I change or leave. So simple! CAUTION: This book will only be comprehended by those BEING abused – less likely by the abuser (unless they have the capacity to be honest).

  • Champa

    Asha Shankardass

    Champa, a nine-year-old girl lives in a village on the banks of a river in Punjab.

  • Conducting Child Custody Evaluations

    Conducting Child Custody Evaluations
    Philip M. Stahl

    This book is a combination of two previously published books by Phil Stahl/Sage, Conducting Child Custody Evaluations and Complex Issues in Child Custody Evaluations.

  • How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You re an Adult

    How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re an Adult
    Ira Israel

    In this provocative book, eclectic teacher and therapist Ira Israel offers a powerful, comprehensive, step-by-step path to recognizing the ways of being that we created as children and transcending them with compassion and acceptance.

  • Life Changing Thoughts Quotes Sayings

    Life Changing Thoughts, Quotes & Sayings
    Dr. D. Purushothaman

    This book contains a special collection of very precious Thoughts, Sayings & Quotes by the great Masters, Motivators, Thinkers, Philosophers, Successful persons & Leaders of the World from the beginning of time till now.

  • Thoughts of Life and Time Vol 2

    Thoughts of Life and Time (Vol 2)
    Wyne Ince

    Those three words came as an energizing guidance and this book is the result of that divine prompt. The process was not initiated because I had made a conscious decision to write this book, but because I was supernaturally nudged to do so.

  • Stop Smoking Now

    Stop Smoking Now
    Allen Carr

    Stop Smoking Now is the new, cutting-edge presentation of the method. Updated and set out in a clear, easy-to-read format, this book makes it simpler than ever .

  • Open Doors Cage Flight

    Open Doors -Cage Flight
    Douglas J Alford, Pakaket Alford

    The caged birds are well cared for. One day, by accident the cage door is left open. Now they must chose – easy life inside the cage or work outside. This book teaches us about self sufficiency.

  • Under the Weather  Coping with Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

    Under the Weather – Coping with Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
    John G. Cooney

    Family and friends concerned about the effect of abnormal drinking will also find it an invaluable source of information and support. ‘Few authors can write with such experiences and understanding … warmly recommended to a wide …

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