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  • Life Code The Vedic Code Book

    Life Code-The Vedic Code Book
    Swami Ram Charran

    Find out how herbs have worked for other people and how simple it is to be in control of our own health. Here is what some past students have said about this study: "the variety of information is exceptional.

  • Jesus o Maior Psic√ logo que J√ Existiu

    Jesus, o Maior Psicólogo que Já Existiu
    Mark W. Baker

    Mark Baker busca no poder do Evangelho uma luz para iluminar os recantos mais obscuros do esp√≠rito humano.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Philip Gulley, autor de Criando ra√≠zes Jesus, o maior psic√≥logo que j√° existiu faz uma abordagem original da rela√ß√£o …

  • Ecotheology and the Practice of Hope

    Ecotheology and the Practice of Hope
    Anne Marie Dalton, Henry C. Simmons

    Looks at how ecotheology has created a new vision of the natural world and the place of humans within it.

  • Biblical Creationism

    Biblical Creationism
    Henry Morris

    Examines the doctrine of creation throughout the Bible, not only in Genesis but other books such as Colossians and Ezra.

  • Las religiones orientales y el paganismo romano

    Las religiones orientales y el paganismo romano
    Franz Cumont

    Análisis comparativo de los partidos políticos y los sistemas de partidos en el ámbito de las democracias liberales, con el que se trata de mostrar su funcionamiento, así como las causas por las que difieren de un país a otro.

  • Sleeping Dreaming and Dying

    Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying
    Dalai Lama

    This is an absorbing account of a dialogue between leading Western scientists and the foremost representative of Buddhism today, the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

  • Mere Creation

    Mere Creation
    William A. Dembski

    In this book a team of expert academics trained in mathematics, engineering, philosophy, physical anthropology, physics, astrophysics, biology and more investigate the prospects for intelligent design. Edited by William Dembski.

  • Scripture and Cosmology

    Scripture and Cosmology
    Kyle Greenwood

    It's a compelling story that both illuminates the text of Scripture and helps us find our own place in the tradition of faithful Christian thinking and interpretation.

  • Missionary Scientists

    Missionary Scientists
    Andrés I. Prieto

    The first scientists of the New World.

  • Why Animal Suffering Matters

    Why Animal Suffering Matters
    Andrew Linzey

    " "Linzey invites the reader to examine the rational case and then see how it can be applied to a detailed analysis of three practical issues: hunting with dogs, fur farming, and commercial sealing.

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