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  • Science Set Free

    Science Set Free
    Rupert Sheldrake

    Science Set Free will radically change your view of what is real and what is possible. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Man Creates Destroys Gods With Every Change In Cosmology And It All Changes Again

    Man Creates/Destroys Gods With Every Change In Cosmology And It All Changes Again
    Charles Sven

    Our changing world views, creates or destroys our concept of Gods & Goddesses. “The act of creation is hard.” – Gregory Chaitin “Nature’s laws are man’s creation.” – Moris Klein “Discovering a new explanation is inherently an …

  • Beyond Determinism and Reductionism

    Beyond Determinism and Reductionism
    Mark Chan, Roland Chia

    The essays in this volume address these concerns.

  • Old Time Religion Embracing Modernist Culture

    Old-Time Religion Embracing Modernist Culture
    Douglas Carl Abrams

    This book, targeting the founding generation, seeks to understand their resilience, since their beginning through their adaptation to modernist culture.

  • The Fossil Book

    The Fossil Book
    Gary Parker, Mary M. Parker

    Fossils are discussed in the context of Creationism.

  • The Story of Creation

    The Story of Creation
    T. S. Ackland

    The History of the Creation with which the Bible commences, is not a mere incidental appendage to God's Revelation, but constitutes the foundation on which the whole of that Revelation is based.

  • Can God Intervene

    Can God Intervene?
    Gary Stern

    Here lies the mystery and wonder of this book: How could anyone of Bogle’s prodigious intelligence and powers of perception end up in vagabondage?

  • Abraham s Dice

    Abraham’s Dice
    Karl W. Giberson

    Organized historically, Abraham's Dice provides a wide-ranging scientific, theological, and biblical foundation to address the question of providence and divine action in a world shot through with contingency.

  • Life Code The Vedic Code Book

    Life Code-The Vedic Code Book
    Swami Ram Charran

    Find out how herbs have worked for other people and how simple it is to be in control of our own health. Here is what some past students have said about this study: "the variety of information is exceptional.

  • Jesus o Maior Psic logo que J Existiu

    Jesus, o Maior Psicólogo que Já Existiu
    Mark W. Baker

    Mark Baker busca no poder do Evangelho uma luz para iluminar os recantos mais obscuros do espírito humano." – Philip Gulley, autor de Criando raízes Jesus, o maior psicólogo que já existiu faz uma abordagem original da relação entre …

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