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  • Numbers

    Irene Nowell

    Irene Nowell admits that the book of Numbers rarely makes the top ten list of favorite biblical books." But through her insightful interpretations and practical reflections, readers will gain a new and positive appreciation of the text.

  • El Forastero En El Camino A Emaús

    El Forastero En El Camino A Emaús
    John R. Cross

    Segunda Edición Se le ha llamado “el libro más incomprendido de la historia.” En su nombre se han hecho guerras, por ella se han precipitado escándalos, y diversas políticas del mundo han sido formadas tomando en cuenta sus palabras …

  • Revelation

    Ben Witherington

    This book is a socio-rhetorical commentary on Revelation, with a suggested reading list and entire NRSV translation.

  • Growing in Jesus

    Growing in Jesus
    Doug Fields, Brett Eastman

    Used in conjunction with the Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition books, these teaching lessons support and advance the work your students will be doing in their small groups.

  • The Torah Story

    The Torah Story
    Gary Edward Schnittjer

    Written in an engaging and accessible voice, even while digging into difficult and complicated matters at a sophisticated level, The Torah Story emphasizes the content of the text itself, moving beyond debating dates and theories of …

  • Unveiling Paul s Women

    Unveiling Paul’s Women
    Lucy Peppiatt

    In this little book, Lucy Peppiatt not only highlights the problems associated with using this text to justify the subordination of women, but offers a clear and plausible re-reading of the text that paints the apostle Paul as a radical, …

  • Knowing Scripture

    Knowing Scripture
    R. C. Sproul

    In this updated edition of Knowing Scripture, R. C. Sproul helps us dig out the meaning of Scripture for ourselves. The author says, "The theme of this book is not how to read the Bible but how to study the Bible.

  • Deuteronomy

    Alexander Rofé

    This is a major study on the book of Deuteronomy by an acclaimed expert in the field.Paying particular attention to the legal passages in Deuteronomy, Professor RofT seeks to clarify the contents and unity of each section, its literary …

  • A Modern Translation of the Kebra Nagast

    A Modern Translation of the Kebra Nagast
    Miguel F. Brooks

    Here is the most startling and fascinating revelation of hidden truths; not only revealing the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, but also explaining fully many of the puzzling questions on Biblical topics which have remained …

  • The Book of Revelation

    The Book of Revelation
    Robert H. Mounce

    When first published, this volume on Revelation by Robert H. Mounce was widely praised as a standard commentary on the Apocalypse.

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