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  • Making Sense of Mass Education

    Making Sense of Mass Education
    Gordon Tait

    This new edition has been comprehensively updated to provide current information regarding literature, statistics and legal policies, and significantly expands on the previous edition's structure of derailing traditional myths about …

  • The Psychology of Genocide Massacres and Extreme Violence

    The Psychology of Genocide, Massacres, and Extreme Violence
    Donald G. Dutton

    A psychologist explains how and why "normal" people are transformed, in a relatively short amount of time, into sadistic torturers and mass killers for a cause.

  • Discourse and Cognition

    Discourse and Cognition
    Derek Edwards

    For psychologists whose work involves an understanding of the relations between language and cognition this book will be essential reading…. This is a demanding book that will repay close attention.

  • The Race Card

    The Race Card
    Richard Thompson Ford

    Daring, entertaining, and incisive, The Race Card brings sophisticated legal analysis, eye-popping anecdotes, and plain old common sense to this heated topic.

  • Visible Thought

    Visible Thought
    Geoffrey Beattie

    In this book Geoffrey Beattie ranges across the history of communication from Cicero to Chomsky to demonstrate that by adding to or even contradicting what we say, gestures literally make our true thoughts visible.

  • Social Identity and Intergroup Relations

    Social Identity and Intergroup Relations
    Henri Tajfel

    This study explores the relationship between social groups and their conflicts.

  • The Spirit of Mourning

    The Spirit of Mourning
    Paul Connerton

    In this book, Paul Connerton discusses social and cultural memory by looking at the role of mourning in the production of histories and the reticence of silence across many different cultures.

  • Nerds

    David Anderegg

    Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

  • Evidence Based Policymaking

    Evidence-Based Policymaking
    Karen Bogenschneider, Thomas J. Corbett

    This book is for those who believe that good government should be based on hard evidence, and that research and policy ought to go hand-in-hand.

  • Social Cognition

    Social Cognition
    Martha Augoustinos, Iain Walker, Ngaire Donaghue

    Key features of Second Edition: – cross-referencing throughout the text – especially to the foundational chapter – key terms in bold which refer to a glossary at the back of the textbook – extensive pedagogical features: textboxes …

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