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  • Arte e psicoanalisi il respiro della creativit√

    Arte e psicoanalisi: il respiro della creatività
    AA. VV.

    1217.3.11 Le parole, il discorso verbale possono esprimere tutto?

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy

    Advanced Hypnotherapy
    John Goodrich Watkins, Arreed F. Barabasz

    This book focuses on tested hypnoanalytic techniques, with step-by-step procedures for integrating hypnosis into psychoanalytic processes.

  • El humanismo como utop√ a real

    El humanismo como utopía real
    Erich Fromm

    Los escritos de este volumen fueron escritos en la época de mayor plenitud y madurez de su autor.

  • Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders Third Edition

    Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Third Edition
    Aaron T. Beck, Denise D. Davis, Arthur Freeman

    "This new edition covers new research on personality disorders, and the new DSM. Part 1 provides a basic primer on the cognitive model of personality disorders.

  • The Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

    The Practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy
    Donald Robertson

    This is a comprehensive evidence-based clinical manual for practitioners of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy.Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy is increasingly becoming the dominant approach to clinical hypnosis.

  • Nel segno di Andrea Camilleri

    Nel segno di Andrea Camilleri
    Giuseppe Fabiano

    Giuseppe Fabiano, psicologo psicoterapeuta, è direttore di una Unità Operativa Complessa Centro Salute Mentale dell'ASL Roma 6.

  • Jacques Lacan and Cinema

    Jacques Lacan and Cinema
    Pietro Bianchi

    The work of Jacques Lacan though, is strangely full of references to the visual field, from the intervention on the mirror stage in the Forties to the elaboration of the object-gaze in the Sixties.As a consequence, a long tradition of film …

  • Induction

    John H. Holland

    The result is an integrated account that treats problem solving and induction in terms of rule based mental models. Induction is included in the Computational Models of Cognition and Perception Series. A Bradford Book.

  • The Origins and History of Consciousness

    The Origins and History of Consciousness
    Erich Neumann

    Neumann ends the work with a trenchant commentary on contemporary society.

  • The Freudian Calling

    The Freudian Calling
    Louis Rose

    The Freudian Calling traces the evolution of an early psychoanalytic science of culture by examining how the work of cultural interpretation became essential to the Freudian movement in Vienna in the years before World War I. Louis Rose …

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