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  • Elogio dell inconscio

    Elogio dell’inconscio
    Massimo Recalcati

  • Neuroanatomy of Social Behaviour

    Neuroanatomy of Social Behaviour
    Ralf-Peter Behrendt

    This book is for readers who are knowledgeable about the neurosciences and curious about brain mechanisms that produce normal and pathological social behaviour.

  • Arte e psicoanalisi il respiro della creativitÃ

    Arte e psicoanalisi: il respiro della creatività
    AA. VV.

    1217.3.11 Le parole, il discorso verbale possono esprimere tutto?

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy

    Advanced Hypnotherapy
    John Goodrich Watkins, Arreed F. Barabasz

    This book focuses on tested hypnoanalytic techniques, with step-by-step procedures for integrating hypnosis into psychoanalytic processes.

  • Increasing Intelligence

    Increasing Intelligence
    Norbert Jaušovec, Anja Pahor

    The book covers behavioral training and different electrical stimulation methods such as TMS, tDCS, tACS, and tRNS, along with alternative approaches ranging from neurofeedback to cognitive-enhancing drugs.

  • The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance

    The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance
    Paul Williams

    This book presents the proceedings of the of the conference on the Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance held in Belfast in June 2008.The aim of the conference was to offer a state of the art communication of the key psychoanalytic …

  • The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga

    The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga
    C.G. Jung

    In this volume, he re-creates for today's reader the fascination with which many intellectuals of pre-war Europe regarded Eastern spirituality as they discovered more and more of its resources, from yoga to tantric texts.

  • L intreccio Neuroscienze clinica e teoria dei sistemi dinamici complessi

    L’intreccio. Neuroscienze, clinica e teoria dei sistemi dinamici complessi
    Marcello Orazio Florita


  • Rethinking Youth Wellbeing

    Rethinking Youth Wellbeing
    Katie Wright, Julie McLeod

    This volume offers a critical rethinking of the construct of youth wellbeing, stepping back from taken-for-granted and psychologically inflected understandings.

  • Treating Sleep Problems

    Treating Sleep Problems
    Allison G. Harvey, Daniel J. Buysse

    This practical manual presents an innovative modular treatment for adults and adolescents with a wide range of sleep and circadian rhythm problems, such as insomnia, daytime sleepiness, poor sleep quality, and irregular sleep-wake schedules …

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