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  • Apostrophes VI

    Apostrophes VI
    E. D. Blodgett

    These sixty-six poems open the natural world to embrace human passage. In Apostrophes VI, E.D. Blodgett returns to his acclaimed series to invite the reader to open the grass-to open the book of creation and consider its wisdom.

  • Chsr Poetry Slam

    Chsr Poetry Slam
    Andrew Titus

    Poetry Slams are a gone-public, get-away-from-that-lonely-writer-in-a-garret-mentality, inhibition-free, no-holds theatresports for the bard in everyone.

  • Conversations with Skeletons

    Conversations with Skeletons
    Kirk DeMatas

    This collection represents a gruelling exercise in psychological dissection through poetic discourse.

  • Blossoms and Shadows

    Blossoms and Shadows
    Garth Lambert

    In a poem entitled The Self-Unseeing, Thomas Hardy describes a scene of exaltation ending with the words: “Yet we were looking away!” Garth Lambert has never wanted to be “looking away.” In this series of poems, easy of access but …

  • Blindfold

    John Asfour

    Exposing the rich and surprising possibilities of a life that has undergone a frightening transformation, Blindfold relates feelings of loss, displacement, and disorientation experienced not only by the disabled but by everyone who finds …

  • Death Drive Through Gaia Paris

    Death Drive Through Gaia Paris
    Charles Noble

    " – Chris Jennings, Department of English, University of Ottawa In this collection of poetry, Charles Noble further reins in an already tight form – haiku – only to let loose a "logopoeic" poetry.

  • Words for Trees

    Words for Trees
    Barbara Folkart

    In this Ottawa writer’s first volume of verse, there are trees, of course—catalpas on stained-glass transoms, an ever-present crabappel, nameless species in whose bare branches the winter solstice lurks.

  • Divide and Rule

    Divide and Rule
    Walid Bitar

    Isn't itself, their neck of the woods, needs a rest—something more than a nap, and less than death, though death wouldn't hurt. Walid Bitar's poetry collections include 2 Guys on Holy Land, Bastardi Puri, and The Empire's Missing Links.

  • Courage Underground

    Courage Underground
    Julie Roorda

    Examining the relationship between consciousness and body, this collection of poetry penetrates hidden emotions contained by vital organs, offering new perspectives on loss and alienation that are both hilarious and startling.

  • Autumn Harvest

    Autumn Harvest
    Stanley B. Frost

    Whether he is capturing a sunset in a Hampstead garden, conveying the emotional impact of Trudeau's funeral, recounting the imperishable story of Abelard and Heloise, saluting the vitality and universality of the English language, …

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