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  • La fuga del no ser

    La fuga del no ser
    Rogelio Rovira

    Buenaventura de Bagnorea lo expresó bellamente: Dios, «el ser purísimo, no se presenta al entendimiento sino poniendo totalmente en fuga al no ser».

  • Philosophie der symbolischen Formen

    Philosophie der symbolischen Formen
    Ernst Cassirer

    Die dreibändige "Philosophie der symbolischen Formen" ist das herausragende Werk, in dem Cassirer die Transformation der traditionellen Transzendentalphilosophie zur Kulturphilosophie vollzog.

  • Popper and the Human Sciences

    Popper and the Human Sciences
    G. Currie

    This volume contains twelve critical essays on Popper's contribution to what we have called the 'human sciences' , a category broad enough to include not only Popper's views on the methods of the social sciences but also his views on the …

  • Ph nom nologie de la religion et herm neutique th ologique dans la pens e du jeune Heidegger

    Phénoménologie de la religion et herméneutique théologique dans la pensée du jeune Heidegger
    Sylvain Camilleri

    This book seeks to reconstitute the young Heidegger's first phenomenology of religion by analysing a group of notes written between 1916 and 1919 and retrospectively called "The Philosophical Foundations of Medieval Mysticism.

  • Ontological Humility

    Ontological Humility
    Nancy J. Holland

    Explores ontological humility in the history of philosophy, from Descartes to contemporary gender and race theory.

  • Heidegger and Plato

    Heidegger and Plato
    Catalin Partenie, Tom Rockmore

    The authors of this volume consider Heidegger's thought in relation to Plato before and after the "Kehre" or turn.

  • Bearing Witness to Epiphany

    Bearing Witness to Epiphany
    John Russon

    Makes the novel argument that erotic life is the real sphere of human freedom.

  • Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Berkeley and the Principles of Human Knowledge

    Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Berkeley and the Principles of Human Knowledge
    Robert J. Fogelin

    This volume introduces and assesses: * Berkeley's life and the background to the Principles * The ideas and text in the Principles * Berkeley's continuing importance to philosophy.

  • Praktische Vernunft Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft

    Praktische Vernunft, Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft
    Waldemar Schreckenberger, Christian Starck

    Aus dem Inhalt: Praktische Vernunft und Gesetzgebung: Mit Beitragen von: M. Atienza, P. Gerard, H. Hayry, K. Wojcik, I. Ceterchi, A. Gerloch, N. Nenovski, S. Wronkowska u Praktische Vernunft und Rechtswissenschaft: Mit Beitragen von: M. …

  • Science For Humanism

    Science For Humanism
    Charles R. Varela

    In this book, Charles R. Varela proposes that Kant originally formulated this problem, and makes a series of wide-ranging and groundbreaking observations based on Kant's metaphysics of realism which enables Varela to propose a solution to …

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