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  • Reason s Debt to Freedom

    Reason’s Debt to Freedom
    Ishtiyaque Haji

    It follows that we cannot have objective reasons to perform an act unless we could have done otherwise. This is reason's debt to freedom.

  • Experience

    G. Michael Blahnik

    This book seeks to transform existential phenomenology into a practical philosophy by defining 'experience' as a necessary combination of cognition, affect, behavior, sensation, the physical environment, and the 'I.' It develops an …

  • A Psychology for People of God

    A Psychology for People of God
    E. Rae Harcum

    This book combats the anti-religious sentiment of some psychologists.

  • Science of Prayer

    Science of Prayer
    Richard S. Rominger, Ph.D.

    Your true essence survives the physical death of your body Your soul is the true essence of who you are; not your body In all likelihood, you have lived before in a much different body All souls originated from the same God-sourced energy …

  • Coming to Be

    Coming to Be
    James W. Felt

    Synthesizes Thomistic and Whiteheadian metaphysics.

  • What Happens to Us When We Think

    What Happens to Us When We Think
    Michael Gelven

    Explores the transformation humans undergo when they do metaphysics.

  • Reflections on the Art of Personality

    Reflections on the Art of Personality
    Hidayat Inayat Khan

    This volume is the first in a series of small books of Hidayat Inayat Khan's Reflections on metaphisical teachings taken from the writings of the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan.

  • Soul Talk

    Soul Talk
    Robert E. A. Daley

    This book is a reading of their collective conversation.

  • Theophrastus On First Principles

    Theophrastus On First Principles
    Théophraste, Bartolomeo da Messina

    Simultaneous critical editions based on all available evidence, with an introduction, English translations, and commentaries of the Greek text and a medieval Arabic translation of Theophrastus s "On First Principles" ( metaphysics ), …

  • Unity and Time in Metaphysics

    Unity and Time in Metaphysics
    Ludger Honnefelder, Edmund Runggaldier SJ, Benedikt Schick

    The contributions to this collection deal with the fundamental problem of unity, which plays a decisive role in many contemporary debates (even when this role is not acknowledged).

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