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  • The Joyful Wisdom

    The Joyful Wisdom
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    This book "the Joyful Wisdom," was written in 1882, shortly before "Zarathustra", is considered the best work by Nietzsche.

  • Metaphysics A Contemporary Introduction

    Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction
    Michael J. Loux

    Designed for students of philosophy who have already done an introductory course in the subject, this volume aims to introduce the main topics of metaphysics while avoiding jargon and technicalities.

  • Why there is Something rather than Nothing

    Why there is Something rather than Nothing
    Bede Rundle

    The question whether ultimate explanations can ever be given is forever in the background, and the book concludes with an investigation of this issue and of the possibility that the universe could have existed for an infinite time.

  • The Question of Being

    The Question of Being
    Martin Heidegger

    A fantastic read for any scholar or student interested in philosophy, epistemology, or ontology.

  • Dhammapada

    Narada Thera

    El Dhammapada, literalmente Camino de la EnseƱanza, es considerado por los especialistas el texto cumbre del budismo.

  • Philosophy and Geography II

    Philosophy and Geography II
    Andrew Light, Jonathan M. Smith

    This volume advances this inquiry, making extensive use of political and social theory, while drawing intimate connections between political principles, social processes, and the commonplaces of our everyday environments.

  • The Metaphysics and the Epistemology of Meaning

    The Metaphysics and the Epistemology of Meaning
    Jonas Pfister

    The book develops the metaphysics of meaning along the lines set up by Paul Grice, defining the three central notions of what is meant, said and implicated.

  • Language Metaphysics and Death

    Language, Metaphysics, and Death
    John Donnelly

    This standard work in thanatology is updated with ten essays new to the second edition, and features a new introduction by Donnelly. The collection addresses certain basic issues inherent in a philosophy of death.

  • Things that Happen Because They Should

    Things that Happen Because They Should
    Rowland Stout

    Philosophers have usually argued that the right way to explain people's actions is in terms of their beliefs and intentions rather than in terms of objective facts. Rowland Stout takes the opposite line in his account of action.

  • Evidence Matters

    Evidence Matters
    Susan Haack

    How are they to distinguish reliable scientific testimony from unreliable hokum? These interdisciplinary essays explore such questions about science, proof, and truth in the law.

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