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  • The Universe As We Find It

    The Universe As We Find It
    John Heil

    What are the elements of being, reality's raw materials? John Heil offers stimulating answers to these questions framed in terms of a comprehensive metaphysics of substances and properties inspired by Descartes, Locke, and their successors.

  • Ontological Humility

    Ontological Humility
    Nancy J. Holland

    Explores ontological humility in the history of philosophy, from Descartes to contemporary gender and race theory.

  • Trust The Tacit Demand

    Trust: The Tacit Demand
    Olli Lagerspetz

    The author believes that this is not a coincidence but symptomatic of the irrelevance of received ideas of rationality for crucial areas of human agency. `Individualist' approaches, he argues, can be accused precisely of ignoring …

  • Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Berkeley and the Principles of Human Knowledge

    Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Berkeley and the Principles of Human Knowledge
    Robert J. Fogelin

    This volume introduces and assesses: * Berkeley's life and the background to the Principles * The ideas and text in the Principles * Berkeley's continuing importance to philosophy.

  • Metaphysics Mathematics and Meaning

    Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning
    Nathan U. Salmon

    Including a previously unpublished essay and a helpful new introduction to orient the reader, the volume offers rich and varied sustenance for philosophers and logicians. "

  • The Phenomenal Woman

    The Phenomenal Woman
    Christine Battersby

    In her new book, Christine Battersby rethinks questions of embodiment, essence, sameness and difference, self and "other," patriarchy and power.

  • Science For Humanism

    Science For Humanism
    Charles R. Varela

    In this book, Charles R. Varela proposes that Kant originally formulated this problem, and makes a series of wide-ranging and groundbreaking observations based on Kant's metaphysics of realism which enables Varela to propose a solution to …

  • An Essay on Man

    An Essay on Man
    Ernst Cassirer

    Drawing upon a wealth of scientific, anthropological and historical date, the author examines man's efforts to understand himself and to deal with the problems of his universe through the creation and use of symbols.

  • The Finitude of Being

    The Finitude of Being
    Joan Stambaugh

    Stambaugh (philosophy, City U. of New York) elucidates one of the central themes in the work of German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), based on her talks with him, and on her extensive study of his works, several of which she has …

  • Experiencing the Next World Now

    Experiencing the Next World Now
    Michael Grosso

    A philosopher and author of The Millennium Myth presents a compelling argument for the existence of an afterlife, explaining how such features as creativity are actually bridges to another plane and how to communicate with loved ones in the …

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