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  • Bloodhounds

    Kim Campbell Thornton, Michele Earle-Bridges

    Here is everything an owner needs to know about keeping a happy, healthy, active animal.

  • Dog Is My Copilot

    Dog Is My Copilot
    Patrick Regan

    Describes the work of Pilots N Paws, an organization of private flyers who transport dogs and other animals to places where they are more like to be adopted, and recounts twenty-four notable flights.

  • A Love Letter From Princess Lucky Mommy Me

    A Love Letter From Princess: Lucky Mommy & Me
    Richard Pomerantz

    A terrific listener and quick study. A true once-in-a-lifetime. Told with the assistance of her human father, this is her unusual memoir of compelling, touching, relentlessly inspiring true stories from an extraordinary life.

  • 15 Minutes to a Great Dog

    15 Minutes to a Great Dog
    Kevin Michalowski

    A step-by-step instruction manual helps dog owners train their dogs in fifteen minutes per day, including key commands such as "sit," "come," "down," and "quiet," and includes a chapter devoted to canine nutrition and recommended Web sites …

  • Annie Pooh Princess Pup and MarLee

    Annie Pooh, Princess Pup, and MarLee
    Steven E. Farkas

    Annie Pooh meets MarLee, her princess cousin. Annie Pooh, Princess Pup, and MarLee then combine forces to help free a prince who was wrongfully imprisoned by the king of Tsoo.

  • Perritos de las praderas

    Perritos de las praderas
    Christine Bourgun, Andreas Wosch

    Guía práctica para elegir, conocer y cuidar tu perrito de las praderas, y disfrutar con él

  • Wet Pets and Other Watery Tales

    Wet Pets and Other Watery Tales
    Hazel Weidman; Jacqueline Teare

    All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to CRARL. The editors of the volume are volunteers, each with writing and publishing experience. Most of the 50 stories in the collection include photographs of the subjects described.

  • Alaskan Malamutes

    Alaskan Malamutes
    Betsy Sikora Siino

    A guide to keeping Alaskan malamutes as pets, reviewing the history of the breed, discussing housing needs, feeding, grooming, health care, and activities, and offering advice on choosing an Alaskan malamute.

  • Australian Cattle Dogs

    Australian Cattle Dogs
    Richard G. Beauchamp

    A guide to owning Australian cattle dogs as pets, describing the temperament and history of the breed, providing tips on preparing the home to welcome a puppy, and discussing training, socialization, nutrition, grooming, health concerns, …

  • Why Does My Dog Act that Way

    Why Does My Dog Act that Way?
    Stanley Coren

    Draws on recent scientific discoveries to analyze canine character in order to promote reader understanding of canine personalities, in a reference that explains how to assess a dog's specific traits and promote desirable behavior. 40,000 …

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