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  • From Rescue Shelter to Home Shelter

    From Rescue Shelter to Home Shelter
    Winston D. Munnings

    This is therefore not only a photo storyline about how Patience conned her way into our home, and eventually into our hearts, but also how having her around really changed my point-of-view about Cats.

  • Miaow There

    Miaow There!
    Sheila Collins

    This charming tale will appeal to anyone who has ever been on a cruise, or has thought about going on one, and to all cat lovers everywhere.

  • I Would Have Bought You a Cat But

    I Would Have Bought You a Cat, But. . .
    Darby Conley

    A small-sized gift book of selections from the popular comic strip celebrates the foibles of inter-species family life as the single business executive Rob, self-absorbed cat Bucky, and easygoing dog Satchel share mischief and misadventures …

  • Himalayan Cats

    Himalayan Cats
    J. Anne Helgren

    Guide to this popular long-haired breed.

  • I Love My Cat and I m All Right with That

    I Love My Cat (and I’m All Right with That)
    Alex Cusick

    At the same time, this book helps readers understand the reasons why Buster was such a special friend and companion to his owner, Alex Cusick. Alex Cusick is a freelance market research consultant currently living in Indian Shores, Florida.

  • Cats on the Counter

    Cats on the Counter
    Larry Lachman, Frank Mickadeit

    In Cats on the Counter Dr. Larry Lachman uses his unique approaches, borrowed from human therapy, to analyze what makes kitty tick, and what happens when his behavior gets out of control.

  • Blessings for Cats

    Blessings for Cats
    Amy Schoenfeld Hunt, Ariel Books, Marian Nixon

    This book includes pet-directed blessings and words of love, admiration, and appreciation.

  • Breaking Your Cat s Bad Habits

    Breaking Your Cat’s Bad Habits
    Lura Rogers

    Lura Rogers offers tried and true advice on understanding your cat's behavior and molding it to fit your expectations of how a civilized house cat should behave.

  • Cat Capers

    Cat Capers
    Gandee Vasan, Ltd., PQ Blackwell,

    America's seventy million cat owners will rejoice in finding this captivating collection that is as purrfect as their beloved feline companions.

  • Look i gatti

    Look i gatti
    Jean-Richard Haeusser, Joƫlle Haeusser

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